From Deventer to a hotel in Marseille

hotel in Marseille is hardly known and that’s a pity ! 20 years ago, Marseille suffered from a bad reputation due to the poor economic market and some insecure districts. The situation was unsmilling compared to other cities on the French Riviera. Real estate market was in a disastrous shape. Since 1990, hotels in Marseillehas been transforming in a dynamic city with more and more renovated areas. Thanks to TGV, hôtel Marseille is only at 3 hours from Paris. No doubt that real estate prices have increasing since. But the city is still affordable compared to other cities on the French riviera. And Marseille is very well located. An international airport allow you to go everywhere and far away.

But if you prefer to stay on the French riviera, hôtels à Marseille is a perfect spot for visiting Provence. Within 30 min, you are having lunch on a trendy terrace in Aix-en-Provence. If you prefer history, please have a look to Avignon (one hour driving from Marseille). If you prefer suntanning, go to Cassis and enjoy its “calanques”. What about culture ? hôtel à Marseille is working hard on that ! The city of the French Riviera aims at beeing the new European cultural city in 2013. The city hall and the local authorities involved themselves in many architectural and cultural projects for Hotel Marseille. For instance, a wonderful castle called “Château de la Buzine” will become a city of cinema : almost 4000 m² dedicated to cinema with a 7000 works library, an amazing 350 seats projection room and a museum about Marcel Pagnol.

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