Van Deventer naar een hotel in Maastricht


Ever decided to take a weekend to a hotel in Maastricht hotel Maastricht to? It is not always Amsterdam, Bergen of Deventer to ... I'm just back from a blissful time in the largest city in the Dutch province of Limburg. Maastricht is really very versatile and is a crossroads of cultures, a strategic and very important historical place in Europe. Staying in a hotels in Maastricht brings you right in the heart of a region with an eventful history, its absolute highlight was the signing of the Treaty of Maastricht, in 1992 the main basis for the creation of the European Union.

Many tourists come once a day to the city, but few of them (except maybe the business people) are choosing to stay a little longer and a night or two, three in one of the Maastricht hotels books. Yet the city has a lot in store for everyone, whether you love culture, gastronomy, history or architecture.

Coincidentally was our hotel in Maastricht in the vicinity of that famous Grand Place, which wegheeft from the center of a Flemish city. Hence Maastricht sometimes the least Dutch city of The Netherlands is mentioned. I have several of my camera must reach the top, all very fascinating! How the new city anno 2009, look, she wears a very rich history with it, as did a fellow guest in the Maastricht hotels us tell. By day you can from your hotels in Maastricht around the whole city easily, from the known locations to the more hidden gems.

But Rotterdam is the city of Limburg certainly the evening worthwhile. Ga again from the ball in one of the many famous clubs. Have you never Maastricht, then it is high time. Not only fun to once in a Hotel Maastricht to continue but as I said also ideal for a day! Be sure to do so!