Staying in a hotel in beautiful Deventer



Who wouldn't want to stay in a city with a diverse and age old history, a history of fascinating stories, of flourishing trade, art and culture? Well, Deventer is one of those cities, one of the eldest in the Netherlands. Choosing to stay in a hotel Deventer guarantees you of lots of historical things to see and of the ever presence of the river Ijssel. The street pattern alone breathes history and when it comes to the number of monuments, the city belongs to the absolute top. Deventer spends a lot of its attention on tourism so the number of hotels in Deventer is also quite big. The hotels Deventer that are located in the wonderful city centre easily appeal to almost anyone! A stay in a city by a river has something sparkling, something playful, something fresh. This is probably a good explanation why a stay in a Deventer hotel is so pleasant: a vibrant city with a monumental feel, in a beautiful natural decor!

From Deventer to Flanders

From Deventer some of the most beautiful Flemish cities are also easily reached and offer tourists many cultural and other possibilities. A stay in a hotels in Bruges for example is truly worthwhile, this marvellous and stunning medieval city is not surprisingly often called the Venice of the North. The supply of Antwerp hotel is also quite large and will definitely charm the visitor of this city by the Scheldt, as well as those who choose to stay in a hotel Brussel. After Deventer you can leave without a problem towards Flanders to stay a weekend or longer in Bruges, Antwerp or Brussels!

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