Examples of Deventer hotels


Deventer_Sandton Gilde Hotel

The Sandton Hotel Gilde is a hotel with an intriguing and rich history and brings you right in the very heart of the old city of Deventer. This Deventer hotel used to be a traditional pastory, only two centuries ago. Today many remains of that period are still intact, but the hotel as a whole breathes a very sparkling and contemporate atmosphere. The Sandton Hotel Gilde welcomes you the whole year round and is without exaggeration one of the best starting points to get to know the fascinating city of Deventer!

Deventer_Sandton Ijsselhotel

This famous hotel opened its doors in the end of 2007 and is now a luxurious designhotel, located in a beautifully restored 19th century mansion. All rooms of Sandton Ijsselhotel offer views on the marvellous historical city centre. Close to this hotel Deventer there are many cultural and historical places of interest. Your stay in a Sandton Ijsselhotel will undoubtedly be a hit!


Deventer_Hotel Royal

The Royal Hotel Deventer is located in the centre of the city and is the ideal location for all your outdoor activities, whether business or private. You just need a cup of coffee or are hungry for some haute cuisine? No problem, in the Grand Café of this hotel Deventer all your wishes are granted. During spring or summer the terrace is really cool and at night the rooms of Royal Hotel Deventer offer you all comfort to enjoy some peace and quiet in a wonderful historical setting!

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